The Caribbean Photo Contest (“CPC”) is a visual arts competition that provides photo enthusiasts, artists, and visual artists alike the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities to the world through various platforms including the internet, social media, digital and print publications, galleries, and traveling exhibitions.



If you have a passion for photography and you want to get your work noticed, you probably know that a good quality portfolio and a well-developed website can help. However, when it comes to publicity in the photography industry, winning a competition or a photography award can have an amazing effect on your career. It will not only boost your confidence and provide you with amazing job opportunities, it will help you grow your personal brand as you become recognized as an expert in your field.  This is the mission of the Caribbean Photo Contest.


All Entrants
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College Students
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Each category offers meaningful prizes and opportunities for photo enthusiasts of all ages. The CPC also provides artistic, cultural, and eco-travel opportunities and experiences garnered through participation in the visual arts contests. Grand Prize winners of the “All Entrants”, “College Students”, & “Professional” categories qualify to win various prizes including but not limited to vacation packages, adventure travel & destination workshop opportunities.  See contest details and contest rules for each category. Each category provides different prizes and opportunities, different conditions may apply.


The digital camera has revolutionized the photographic world with instant results and the end of the concept that the camera never lies. As a talent, and an art form, the CPC celebrates the photographic aspirations and skills of thousands of people with a succession of photography competitions that give them to chance to demonstrate and display what they can produce and create with a camera.

Our contests aim to encourage photo enthusiasts and visual artists to:

Experiment with photography

Use digital or traditional methods of photography

Show interpretation of their chosen topic

Express and share their ideas through the medium of photography



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Best In Category

Best In Contest

Youth Of The Year

Student of the Year (18+)

Pro Of The Year

An expert panel of judges will honor the best single image and best series taken by a photographer from each of the Awards competitions. Winners will be featured in seasonal press campaigns to be showcased on the Caribbean Photo Contest website, and in prominent print and online publications. Selected winners of the contest are provided an opportunity to showcase their winning images in a traveling exhibition.


Each year, the CPC will invite an established curator and panel of judges to select the best images from all three categories which will be published on the CPC site.

Grand Prize Winners and Finalist/s winning images qualify to be included and exhibited in an exclusive show. The Best of Show will then travel to various international venues to be included in photo festivals, galleries, and other photography & visual arts related events. The Best of Show Exhibition is specifically for the prize winners who will not be receiving pecuniary compensation.


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